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November 2020: 10 Amazing Perfumes That Make The Perfect Gift

Welcome to the final release notes of 2020! Watch Product Live below, which includes our latest and greatest product improvements, a look back at 2020, and an inside look at an internal customer interview project at Help Scout called The Happiness Report:

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Advanced permissions

advanced permissions by company in Help Scout

Advanced permissions help you quickly and confidently manage changing team needs by giving your team access the right information and capabilities in Help Scout. We’re expanding advanced permissions with new permissions on the company, team, and user level. A few examples of what you can do with new permissions:

  • Make a user an administrator, but only for one mailbox.
  • Limit Docs access to a few people on your team.
  • Control who can live chat with customers.
  • Give admins sole access to reporting data.

Plus and Company plan customers will get all the new permissions.

Learn more about advanced permissions

Message reports

example customer effort score survey

Proactive messages allow you to engage leads, onboard new customers, or preemptively support customers. New message reports allow you to easily track views, clicks, and engagements on your in-app messages. Now, you’ll be able to see how well a certain message resonates with your customers, repeat your successes, and make changes to improve performance.

Android chat ratings

android chat ratings in help scout

In order to provide great customer service, it’s important to collect customers’ feedback on their interactions with your team. Chat ratings gives you the ability to quickly assess this using a happy/neutral/sad reaction rating. We’ve also included the option to leave additional written feedback so your customers can expand on their ratings.

Learn more about our Android app

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